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Uploaded der beliebte Filehoster ist nicht nur in Deutschland bekannt

Uploaded Premium

Uploaded offers hosting solutions for a wide range of Internet users. The user is provided with virtual storage space. The provider offers fee-based variants and a free account. Parallel downloads of the chargeable versions can be activated immediately, mind you, without waiting time. The uploaded files can be accessed at any time, there is no restriction. Registration is quick and uncomplicated. The low costs are also worth mentioning, the speeds presented by Uploaded are as follows:

  • 100 Mbit, maximum 12.5 MB/s uploaded speed, 25 times faster than the free account
  • 50 Mbit scores with maximum 6.2 MB/s upload, 125 times faster than the free account
  • 32 Mbit, maximal 4,0 MB/s hochgeladen, 80 mal schneller
  • 16 Mbit, maximal 2,0 MB/s, 40 mal schneller
  • 6 Mbit, maximum 0.7 MB7s, 15 times faster

The Uploaded Premium Account scores with exorbitant speeds in the comparison of free use. Of course the customer is not bothered by any advertising inserts. With each extension the customer is granted points. Collecting points is worthwhile with Uploaded. The collected points are exchanged for the special Upload Premium runtime. 10,000 points are equivalent to one month of Uploaded Premium.

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Recommendable offers that convince

You save up to a maximum of 60 % with an Uploaded Premium Account over 2 years when a Premium Account is arranged. Points will also be credited to you, the numbers are clearly shown in the table. 1 month 3 months 6 months, is recommended by Upload 1 year of the Superdeal 2 years also a Superdeal 9.99 Euro 24.99 Euro 39.99 Euro 69.99 Euro 99.99 Euro points: 1,000 2,000 6,000 7,000 9,000 The cheapest tariff costs 4.99 Euro, is valid for 48 hours and is also rated with 500 points. The Uploaded Premium Account scores with a fair price-performance ratio. It has 10 GByte of storage space available. The Superdeal for one year allows variable traffic, which is updated daily. Further advantages:

  • the extensive premium services
  • Support is available for 12 months
  • Fullspeed at download
  • no waiting periods

Comparison of the free and paid version: Free offer Speed 50 KB/s unlimited Parallel downloads No Yes Immediate start Not guaranteed Download manager at any time No Yes Without advertising inserts No Yes

Advantages of the provider

Some noteworthy advantages of Uploaded:

  • The smallest Premium Rate is bookable for less than 5 Euro
  • Points allow a free premium upgrade
  • Every chargeable tariff is rewarded with extra points
  • Customer support staff are competent, friendly and helpful
  • immediate download start
  • also Highspeed Downloads activatable without speed limit
  • no subscription, there is no automatic renewal
  • no annoying advertising
  • Two special tariffs for customers from the commercial sector

Special bonus offers

Whoever has an Upload Premium rate and uploads different data that is also interesting for other users and is uploaded, receives a corresponding reward in the form of a payout. The acquisition of new customers is of course also rewarded with points.

Privacy is guaranteed with Uploaded

The filehoster focuses on the data protection and privacy of each customer. Uploaded deals with the stored data absolutely safe and confidential. The data will never be passed on to third parties, unless there is a legal obligation to do so. Your data is required to create a faultless website; furthermore, the personal data is used to analyse the user behaviour. However, the analysis of the surfing behaviour is anonymous, nothing can be traced back to you.

Functions are user friendly

Uploaded: Funktionen sind bedienerfreundlich

The following options are available:

  • File Upload
  • Fern-Upload
  • FTP-Upload
  • einführen

The functions are easy to perform: With an option it is possible to transfer all data to your account. Click remote download, specify the URL of the web server, if you want to configure a proxy, the transfer starts. The data can then be sorted and filtered. FTP Unload is often used. The reliable FTP transfer is crucial for many customers. FTP means File Transfer Protocol. The own FTP server can be used with a specific FTP server software. The data is downloaded while you are independently busy with other tasks on your PC. The protocol is one of the most reliable methods of data transfer. Import function This special feature is explicitly offered by Uploaded. An online URL or a link is entered for a file, which automatically appears in your profile. This way, files, pictures, videos and special URL content can be transferred to your profile. The special download software is also offered by Uploaded. This software, called uDrive, allows you to download data at a constant speed; without slowing down, the data is synchronized. The files are quickly downloaded to your hard drive and your profile, you don’t need to worry about this action in the meantime. Unlimited download is the provider’s highlight. Of course premium users have the possibility to download a larger number of files and data than for example the free account users.

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Special functions

Important information about your account and the current account balance can be accessed at any time. Used or available backup storage is also visible. For the Free and Premium versions, certain data volumes can be added, namely 100, 500 and 1,000 GB. Thus, a larger amount of data is available for a short time. The comfortable Uploaded Premium account ensures maximum speed without having to reckon with restrictions of different downloads. The uploaded data is stored indefinitely and is available at any time. The administration is easy to realize in the file manager. Information about execution times, links and profiles are always visible. The traffic is displayed transparently, and the number of visitors, bytes used, etc. are precisely recorded. Basically, the more traffic you have, the more you can earn in the partner program, so to speak. The registration in the partner program is done by many users. If your files are attractive enough to be uploaded by other users, you earn automatically. The website, for example, provides a free bonus of 2 euros, but you must register for a specific service.

How to manage the files and folders

At some point, even the large hard disk is full, so the data must be uploaded elsewhere to avoid deleting any files. This is where Uploaded comes into play. Huge amounts of data are easy to upload. In your menu you can access files and folders, the main directory contains all important functions. Now you can create folders, update existing folders and check old folders. If desired, you can create a directory for all existing folders. Of course, it is possible to limit the availability of sensitive and delicate folders for certain users.

New information about Uploaded

Uploadad offers among other things free storage space. Currently, there are about 15 million registered users registered with Uploaded. The amount and speeds are of course, as is usual with every operator, dependent on the respective tariff. Customer reviews prove satisfied users, and customer support is also rated as excellent. Contact can be established by form, telephone or e-mail. A processing time of 1 to 2 working days can be expected. Communication is possible in five languages without any problems, namely in German, English, French, Spanish and Turkish.

Some restrictions must be taken into account

The traffic for downloading especially for premium users is limited to a maximum of 1000 GB per month. The first-class Uploaded Premium Account allocates a so-called traffic budget of 100 GB at the start. Daily the user receives 30 GB on his Uploaded Premium Account, quickly accumulating a maximum of 500 GB.

Flexible terms

If you only use these services for a short time, you will be well served with the 48 hour runtime. However, most users know in advance that they want to use the services for longer. Those who are quite sure should choose the term of 2 years, because different discounts make this tariff extremely attractive. 59% cheaper is the tariff over 2 years compared to the smallest tariff. The “Free Coupon Codes” are also tempting, which the customer will receive when using a larger tariff. The coupon codes are variable, depending on the respective term.

When can you start using Uploaded

After the free registration, which is active by entering your e-mail address, name and address, you can immediately use the services. Before that you will receive the username and the temporary password from Uploaded. You set up the folder structure yourself, a search function makes it easier to use the functions. Every folder and every file has the relevant data, which are listed transparently:

  • Title of the file or folder
  • Download link
  • Data volume
  • Date of creation and number of downloads

The clarity ensures effective management.

Can the files be shared

This possibility does exist, but it should be noted that sensitive data should also be handled with care. The download link allows you to share the corresponding file. Mobile apps are suitable for Android devices. Free download managers can be activated, for example JDownloader or CryptLoad. JDownloader is presented as a free additional option, it synchronizes and speeds up upload or download speed at the same time. It is easy to use if you have an Uploaded Premium Account. Uploaded offers the possibility to upload uploads and at the same time search for uploaded files of other users. Uploaded is one of the established renowned providers that offer extensive functions. Uploaded the One Click Filehoster is to be regarded as a professional provider, because not only private customers but also business customers belong to the customer base. The solid technical basis and the multilingual support ensure satisfied users. The comfortable data exchange on the Internet is realized by Uploaded. In special discount shops on the Internet, Uploaded presents attractive vouchers, so that potential customers receive some discounts on registration.

Various payment options facilitate the activation of the user

It is up to you whether you want to pay by credit card. Some alternatives:

  • LastschriftPaysafeCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • SMS-Bezahlung, also über die Telefonrechnung
  • Call2-Bezahlung über die Telefonrechnung
Darüber hinaus bietet Uploaded ein einmaliges Affiliate Programm an: Die unterschiedlichen Module PPS + PPD werden verwendet, Affiliate-Partner gibt es für vermittelte Leistungen und Downloads, die von Ihren Dateien heruntergeladen werden. Die spezielle Bezeichnung pay-per-download erläutert diese Vorgänge präzise.

Premium account contains significant advantages

The optimal website for data upload can be found here. Share your data with other users, you do not have to be offline. The Uploaded Premium Account allows unlimited access to corresponding links, which make downloading even faster. The data is secured and can be viewed at any time.


Does Uploaded Premium has a customer service or support team that I can reach out to?

Yes, they have customer service. In fact, they are compared to none when it comes to supporting the users. They are available 24/7 and are always attentive to all clients. You can send them an email containing all the details of your concern or problem, and this report is tracked through email ticketing. You can also call them directly through their hotline number.

Does Uploaded Premium offer different payment methods for paying my subscription?

Uploaded Premium provides flexible and numerous payment options for you to be able to transact with them easily. They have the most major or popular payment methods available at your disposal:

  • Credit card
  • AlertPay
  • Bank wire transfer
  • SMS2Pay
  • EPSPayment
  • CCPayment

Can I use this file hoster for free?

Yes. They are offering free usage of the platform, however, you need to take note that free accounts are limited and cannot experience the premium features. If you want to try the file hoster, you can access it without fee and if there is a chance you enjoyed using this, you can easily upgrade your account to a premium account. See the details above regarding the features of the premium account.

Are the downloads can be paused and resumed whenever I want to?

Yes, pausing and resuming your downloads are possible on this platform. If ever you needed to stop your download due to poor connection or accidentally stopped the download due to sudden connection loss, you do not need to worry about going to start all over again with your downloads. Isn’t that great?

Is Uploaded Premium safe to use?

The platform is 100% safe and protected. Its developers ensure to make Uploaded Premium safe software to utilize, especially it is dealing with lots of important files from their premium subscribers. But this does not mean free users get less data protection. All users and files here are protected.


Uploaded is suitable for intensive users. Due to the many advantages, discounts and fair price-performance ratio, Uplaoded is perfect. You benefit from exorbitant download speeds, no waiting time, parallel download activities and the ideal file manager. The possibility to collect points is positively evaluated by many users. The backup storage can be booked additionally, but only by premium customers. The test winner 2019 Uploaded presents different tariffs from limited free accounts to premium offers. The ease of use is worth mentioning, as is the file manager overview. The Android app is a further plus point. The free version with limited usage possibilities, while the premium offers have flexible terms, leave the potential customer free to choose.

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